About Us

QR Pay is a new technology company created in March 2011 that focuses on the new and exciting area of Mobile Payments and QR Codes.

Mission Statement:

"To be the leading QR Code Payment provider in the Mobile Payments Industry"

Company Goals and Objectives:

QR Pay's goal is to gain a large share of the QR Code App market (via QR Pal) and promote QR Code scanning by providing the end user with a number of useful features and by rewarding customers in a variety of ways. QR Pay's aim is to then promote the contactless payment solution to its users and expand QR Code payments from Person to Person to SME's, Online and traditional Retailers.

Business Philosophy:

QR Pay's philosophy is to provide the most useful products relating to QR Codes that utilize the latest technologies to help improve our lives, improve our businesses and save us time - so that we can have more time doing the things that we really want to do.

Management Team

Anthony J Wilson

Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder

In his pivotal role within QR Pay, Mr Wilson brings with him a solid track record which includes over 16 years of Direct Sales, Marketing and significant entrepreneurship within the Media/Internet environment. His responsibilities are to manage the business and orchestrate massive growth via marketing, sales and negotiation strategies. Mr Wilson is responsible for the success of EMS Internet, one of the UK's leading Web Design and SEO companies. Starting from zero in 1999 Mr Wilson has built a highly successful and profitable organisation in the UK with an active base of 20,000 SME's as well as EMS Media which is directly involved in the mobile web design and marketing sector, also in the UK.